Record waste diverted from landfill: Sackville

SappyFest is usually credited for its nationally-recognised musical headlines, which have included the likes of Cold Speck, Timbre Timber, Owen Pallett, and Arcade Fire. This year, however, Sackville NB’s well-known-and-adored independent music festival added to its growing standing as one of the country’s best music fests.

In partnership with the Town of Sackville, Westmorland-Albert Waste Management, and RCE Tantramar, SappyFest organisers sought to reduce the carbon footprint of their festival. Their pilot project was to separate wet (green) and dry (blue) waste produced from the long weekend to lower their contribution to the landfill.

The results from this project as as follows:
440kg of dry waste was sent for recycling
340kg of wet waste was sent for composting.

This means that 44% of SappyFest waste was diverted from the landfill with much more actually recycled!

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