Business Leadership in Sackville’s Recycling Program!

Working directly with local business leaders, the Sustainable Sackville Steering Committee has initiated an information campaign aimed at increasing participation in the wet/dry recycling program across our community. As committee members reviewed the Sustainable Sackville Plan this past summer, they decided to focus their implementation efforts on several priority projects and one very urgent need is to fully integrate businesses and multi-unit apartment buildings into the highly successful residential recycling program. These businesses and apartments are not required to recycle under the current Sackville Residential Waste regulations, leaving some 600 apartment units and most businesses to use garbage bins to send all of their waste to the landfill site.

The Sustainable Sackville Plan, approved by the previous Town Council, places a high priority on moving all businesses and residences to a more complete waste management and recycling goal.

Wet/Dry Program Participation Goals:

1) Integrate multi-unit apartments into wet/dry program

2) Include commercial and institutional properties in the wet/dry program as much as possible.

3) Establish an incentive system for residents to sort their waste properly.

4) Research and develop efficiencies in cross-jurisdiction garbage hauling.

5) Increase illegal dumping penalties and have them strictly enforced.

Members of the Sustainable Sackville Steering Committee have been actively engaged in discussions with business owners, the Westmorland-Albert Solid Waste Corporation, and waste management companies working in Sackville to design efficient and affordable wet/dry recycling models so that business leaders may voluntarily participate in the program. Today, we are pleased to highlight the efforts of several businesses on the north side of Bridge Street who have worked together to implement a wet/dry program.

Sustainable Sackville wishes to use this success story as an invitation to other local businesses and landlords to join with them in this voluntary program of wet/dry sorting and a dual-bin service. In the days ahead, the Sustainable Sackville Secretariat will be developing a comprehensive plan for apartment buildings with more than five units.

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