Local Meat Available in Sackville Grocery Store!

homegrown meats of tantramarAfter a year of hard work  and perseverance, David Hunter of Pickle’s European Deli, Andy Rose of the Sackville Save Easy, Boudreau Meats, and other local meat producers have succeeded in making locally produced meat available for sale in the Sackville Save Easy, one of the town’s two grocery stores.

Sackville also has a Co-op Atlantic grocery store, which already strives to source locally when possible.  This project stemmed from a strong commitment to volunteerism, concern about local food security, a desire to create economic opportunities for local meat producers, and an interest in implementing a few steps of the Sustainable Sackville Plan!  Thank you to everyone involved!  Locally produced meat is now more accessible than ever.

Look for the label: HomeGrown Meats of Tantramar!

Meats of tantramar 2


  1. This is great news. I’ve already bought a “HomeGrown Meats of Tantramar” roast. However, it would be nice to have a little more information about exactly how local these meats are. Perhaps there could be another sticker on the package stating which farm the cut came from, or at least a list of the suppliers posted in the Meats of Tantramar section.
    “…Boudreau Meats, and other local meat producers,” just seems a little vague.

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