RCE Conference of the Americas 2015

RCE-Tantramar To Present at the RCE Conference of the Americas, Grand Rapids, Michigan August 9-12, 2015

An RCE stands for a Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development and it may be one of the cooler things many of us have never heard of. It’s a network of organizations acknowledged by the United Nations University to educate on sustainable development in their communities.

The Conference of the Americas will provide a global platform that elevates the conversation around education for sustainable development with a focus on the impact of water resources. The conference welcomes leaders from six countries throughout the Americas and also the world, who are influential thinkers, researchers, authors, academics, and educators. Dr. Michael Fox, one of the coordinators of RCE-Tanramar will represent the Atlantic Canada region, with an invited presentation on the development of an Education for Sustainable Development program at Salem Elementary School in Sackville, New Brunswick. The focus of the outdoor project was the development of a wetlands habitat on the school grounds and a three-year commitment to the establishment of an elementary school curriculum that focuses on outdoor environmental education and the importance of wetlands habitats.

Salem Sustainable School

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