A Conversation with David Suzuki

10 years ago, David Suzuki celebrated his 70th birthday in Sackville and the community planted 70 trees in his honour.  At 80 years of age, David Suzuki is undeniably one of our country’s most prominent and influential Canadians. Throughout his career as an academic, broadcaster, and environmentalist, Suzuki has advocated for a sustainable society that respects all species and is based on science, social justice, and democracy.

Watch A Conversation with David Suzuki, between David Suzuki and his longtime collaborator, Ian Mauro.  Ian Mauro was one of the founding members of RCE Tantramar while at Mount Allison University.  The two collaborated to complete Mauro’s most recent  film, Beyond Climate, focusing on climate change and sustainability in British Columbia.  Former RCE Tantramar Coordinator, Emily Phillips, also worked with Mauro to produce this project.  It’s a small world, here at RCE Tantramar!

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