RCE Tantramar Member now working with Sandbox – La Boîte à Films Inc.

Laura Fox, RCE Team Member and former Mount Allison University student and volunteer with Sackville Schools 2020, has recently become a freelance writer and researcher with Sandbox Inc. Laura recently graduated from the Master’s program in Communications Arts in the joint Ryerson/York University program. Laura was the film-maker who created a unique interactive web documentary on the efforts of a wide number of Sackville residents on creating a new, integrated approach to education and community sustainability. RCE Tantramar is hoping to work with Sandbox in the future, as they are known for their ability to engage communities with environmental issues. You can see it here http://www.sackvilleschools2020.com/documentary

Sandbox is a full-service, bilingual (English and French) production company specializing in video and animation for the non-profit, education, and public sectors. Our work spans Canada, the US, and Europe, and is geared towards building promotional and informative content that empowers viewers through visual means. We produce a broad range of projects, from animated explainer videos, to live-action documentaries, to eLearning material. Thanks to our roots in artistic filmmaking, Sandbox brings a creative eye to every project and instills each production with a unique sense of storytelling.
We choose the projects and clients we work with very carefully—whether they are non-profit organizations, academic institutions, government bodies, or international organizations like the UN. It is part of our mandate to actively seek work that raises the profile of issues or organizations we believe in, including those focused on climate change or environmental issues. We always try to work with clients providing education, government, and/or private support services for the general bettering of our society.

If your organization is interested in visualizing and explaining your project, feel free to contact Laura at laura@sandboxinc.ca


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