Will Sackville’s dikes finally fall? Rising seas could ruin land Acadians turned from marshes to farms

That is a the title of an article that appeared in The Globe and Mail’s April 2, 2018 issue. Written by Matthew McClearn, the article talks about how for centuries, earthen berms have protected the Tantramar floodplain from the sea – and if rising tides overwhelm them, our local communities will be under water and the vulnerable link to the Maritimes will be severed.

To read the full article, which is a third part in a series by McClearn, click the link below:

A drainage ditch alongside Sackville’s low-lying Lorne Street. The town is upgrading storm sewers beneath the street to cope with freshwater flooding. But the area is also increasingly vulnerable to inundation from the Bay of Fundy as sea levels rise.

Photo credit: Matthew McClearn/The Globe and Mail


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