It’s time to look to the future! SS2020 Public Presentations to be held this Thursday!

Sackville Schools 2020 has developed an exciting Idea for consideration by the DEC: a Community Learning Campus that will be designed by and for the community. This idea is based on years of research and community consultation, and is a modern approach to education that embraces community input. We know that Marshview Middle School will likely close, so this is a wonderful opportunity to modernize education facilities in our town. After all, what’s best for our children, present & future? Investing millions into old schools designed for a bygone era? OR Inspiring, modern, facilities combined with a community-based vision?

Go to the Public Presentations to the DEC on Nov. 27 at 7pm at TRHS, and show your support for a move towards something better for our children and community!

For full details visit Sackville Schools 2020 website.


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