“Sackville Schools 2020” has transitioned to be called “Sackville 20/20”—a registered non-profit.

“Sackville Schools 2020” has transitioned to the more official “Sackville 20/20” — a registered non-profit. The 20/20 represents clear seeing and a strong vision for community-supported education.

Sackville 20/20 is a non-profit organization of volunteers—teachers, parents, and community members—working to revitalize opportunities for youth and the broader community in Sackville, New Brunswick. An innovative, inspired, community-integrated educational system benefits our children, our teachers, and the families who live and work in Sackville.

To learn more visit Sackville 20/20’s website.

Sackville 20/20 is currently seeking an exceptional candidate to work with their Board as a Community-Supported Education Coordinator for a 2 year term. To learn more, see here. 


RCE Tantramar wishes Sackville 20/20 well in all of their future endeavours to bring a community-integrated educational system to the Tantramar Region!

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