Education for Sustainability at Dorchester School

Our congratulations to the students and teachers at Dorchester Consolidated School, as they have harvested, preserved and sold their first crop from their school garden boxes! RCE Tantramar has been working with DCS over the past year, as we designed the outdoor environmental education program with teachers, applied for and were granted over $40,000 in funding from a wide number of sources, and have now built and implemented the program. DCS Principal Gordie Kline had set a goal of 25% of student time being spent outdoors this year, but it now closer to 50% of the week, which is truly amazing.

We also want to congratulate Dorchester for their recognition as an Associated School Network candidate UNESCO World School for Sustainability. We will be working hard to earn the designation as an official site as the UN Sustainability Goals are addressed through the teaching, learning and actions of the school over the next few years.

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