Welcome to Maggie Ivimey, ECHO Foundation Intern in Environmental Leadership & Advocacy

RCE Tantramar is pleased to announce that Maggie Ivimey will be joining us as the 2020 ECHO Foundation Intern in Environmental Leadership and Advocacy. Maggie just completed her third year in Environmental Studies at Mount Allison, including the last academic term as an international exchange student in Strasbourg, France. Maggie, from Halifax, N.S. is the holder of a Bell Scholarship at Mount Allison and she has been involved in a wide range of environmental and community activities during her time at Mount Allison. This year, she will be pursuing an Honours Thesis program in Environmental Studies with Mount Allison professor Michael Fox.

Starting in May, Maggie will be working with RCE Tantramar coordinators on their overall mission that focuses on environmental education and community-based action in moving towards a more sustainable community. In particular, Maggie is going to be researching the overall objective of an integrated approach to waste management and recycling across the entire community, including Mount Allison waste and recycling operations and Sackville’s residential areas, commercial operations, including close collaboration with landlords and integrating the 700+ apartments into the overall community recycling program.

RCE Tantramar recognizes and thanks the ECHO Foundation Funding for their generous funding of this Internship, as well as the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Development for this unique experiential learning opportunity.




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