RCE Tantramar Committed to the New Framework for Education for Sustainable Development

UNESCO has just published Education for Sustainable Development: A Roadmap which provides guidance for RCE Members and other stakeholders in working towards implementation of the new global framework Education for Sustainable Development: Towards Achieving SDGs for 2030.

ESD empowers people to change the way they think and work towards a sustainable future, to transform society by reorienting education and help people develop knowledge, skills, values and behaviours needed for sustainable development.

The regional discussions will also inform a new global framework on ESD that is currently under preparation with the aim of building education systems that support learners of all ages to be active contributors to more peaceful and sustainable societies and develop a sense of responsibility for our planet in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

It is important to note that the Council of Ministers of Education of Canada, as well as the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in New Brunswick have committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. RCE Tantramar has been working with our Tantramar Family of Schools and the recently created Sustainable Communities Innovative Personalized Learning Center in working directly with students, educators and community members in putting these goals into practice and using the power of educational in creating sustainable citizens and places.

The Roadmap and new framework will be discussed at the World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in May 2021.

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