Sackville Bike Co-op

The Sackville Bike Co-Op will provide the students of MTA and the residents of Sackville with a safe, environmentally friendly, and healthy way to travel about our beautiful campus and community. Through various initiatives the Bike Co-Op will foster integration of Students and Community members while helping them decrease carbon emissions, and live a healthy-active lifestyle.

• Foster a relationship between the SAC, the town of Sackville and the MTA campus
• Reduce the Carbon Emissions of all members by offering alternative green transportation options and programs.
• Contribute and create opportunities for members to become more physically active, thus contributing to the overall health and wellness of the Sackville and MTA communities.
• Run as a not for profit organization solely focused on contributing to the community in which it operates
• To operate in as safe a manner as possible, by offering helmets and other safety equipment to all renters. Also, by educating the community on safe cycling practices.

Structure and Services:
At low cost to members, we will provide a yearly membership giving members access to the bikes which will be available at several locations in Sackville. There will be one central bike rental location on campus, through a partnership with Mount Allison Athletics and two local businesses on either end of town to ensure that no matter where a bike coop member lives, that this ensures easy accessibility for all members.

We are also seeking funding to allow for honorariums for students with bicycle repair experience for the upkeep and maintenance of the bikes.
The administration of the bike co-op will primarily fall under the Students’ Administrative Council of Mount Allison Students’ Union, specifically under the portfolios of the VP campus life and the Environmental Affairs Co Coordinator of the SAC, but will be carried out in consultation with a variety of community members, including representatives from the Town of Sackville, EOS-EcoEnergy (a local environmental NGO), and several other university partners.

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