Sustainable Sackville Steering Committee

From May 2012 to May 2013, RCE Tantramar served as the Secretariat for the Sustainable Sackville Steering Committee.  The Town of Sackville established this Committee to oversee the implementation of the Town of Sackville’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP), also known as the Sustainable Sackville Plan.

The Committee will apply the three lenses of sustainability– Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Economic Prosperity–to our Community and identify actions to address local issues and to be proactive in dealing with future economic crises, ongoing poverty issues, our reliance on depleting oil resources, and impending effects of climate change.

Members of Sustainable Sackville Committee at the Time of the RCE Secretariat:

Dave Hunter, Chair, Business Development Representative
Ron Aiken, Councillor, Committee Liaison
Mike Tower, Councillor
Margaret Tusz-King, Councillor
Trish Edwards, Rotary Club Sackville, Non-profit Representative
Nancy MacKinnon, Tantramar Regional HS, Schools Representative
Adam Cheeseman, Student, Mount Allison Students’ Union (Environmental Coordinator)                                                                                                George Woodburn, Director of Engineering and Public Works


Sustainable Sackville Plan Progress Report

  • This chart shows the progress made so far on the short, medium, and long term goals established in the Sustainable Sackville Plan.  It is a working document, meaning that it will continue to be updated over time as the Town makes progress on these goals and objectives.

Terms of Reference

Meeting Minutes:

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