Outdoor Environmental Classrooms – Salem Elementary School

RCE Tantramar has worked with Salem Elementary School since summer 2013 to build new outdoor classrooms for its students, including gardens, a wetland, and equipment that will teach kids about weather and energy.  Recent research shows that children benefit greatly from spending more time outdoors, and these classrooms allow teachers to facilitate curriculum activities for all subjects, from language arts, social studies, art, math, and science, outside!  Mount Allison Environmental Studies and Sociology student Natalie Gillis is researching education for sustainable development and outdoor education in order to develop resources for Salem’s teachers.  Examples of activities range from simple class discussions, to place-based science labs exploring the wetlands with critter dip nets, to taking samples of different soil types.  Support for this project comes from a variety of sources, including the Mount Allison Student’s Union and the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund.

Salem Outdoor Classroom
Salem students plant trees in their new outdoor classroom!
The Salem pirate ship!
Salem’s new wetland.

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